Monday, September 29, 2008


Marriage Matters Now

Jeff and I went to a marriage conference this weekend with my parents. When my dad first called and asked if we wanted to go I was kind of apprehensive. Of course, my first question to my dad was are you trying to tell me something. ha ha But, the seminar was at their church and was very good. If you ever get a chance to attend a Steve and Debbie Wilson seminar you should definitely do it. We both learned a lot about how to keep a marriage great. And I have to say the best moment for me of the conference was when Steve informed the guys "honking and squeezing your wife" does not make them want to get romantic. ha ha I along with the other women had to give an AMEN on that statement. Also, Kevin and Krisi Cole attended so we got to spend time with them. Yesterday we went to Brandon and Micah's for dinner. And I have to tell you Kooper King and Davis Wright are about the cutest things. Davis had his tickle snake out and was tickling everyone including himself. He was hilarious! It was an all around great weekend!