Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Cards

This year we did Grayson's birth announcements on Since we have our little man I decided to do our holiday cards through them as well this year. They have offered 50 free cards to bloggers this year if you post about their holiday cards.......awesome deal!

I love all of their designs and their website is so user friendly. I have already picked our card for this year, but it was so hard to choose. They are all so budget friendly and this made it even harder to choose the perfect card for our family. Here are the links to cards I liked, but ultimately didn't choose to use.

So blogger friends head here to check out there 50 free holiday card offer. Sign up, write a blog post, and you will receive the free cards. It is such a great deal!

I am so excited for Christmas this year. I can't wait to spend it with our new little family. I love seeing the decorations out in the stores. I'm going to have to get Jeff to get my decorations out. I hope I can find the time to put them up while I'm home with Grayson. But, he definitely is a full time job. I will have to do a little at a time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grayson Cole Jarrell

Meet our little man! We have waited 3 long years to be a parent. I had no idea how much you could love someone until we saw him for the first time. Jeff and I both can't believe he is our baby. I can't wait to spend the holidays with our new little family. Grayson is 3 weeks old. They say every day gets better and that is definitely true. We are working on getting on a schedule. Easier said than done. But, just thankful he is healthy!