Monday, July 21, 2008


You know as a little girl all you dream of is being a mommy. While the little boys are playing with cars, we are already playing mother to our dolls as soon as we can say baby! Jeff and I started trying to get pregnant as soon as we said "I do." I had my whole life mapped out and assumed I would get pregnant the first month of trying (I mean realistic right!). Well, we are going on month number 8. And everyone who knows me, would agree patience isn't one of my virtues. I visited my OB/GYN a couple of months ago and began fertility testing. Jeff was the first to be tested. I have to admit I took some small satisfaction in knowing he finally had to be poked and prodded as us ladies do every year. Fortunately, his results came back normal. I had a HSG (checks to make sure my fallopian tubes weren't blocked) and it was normal. So they tested my progesterone and it seems I don't ovulate on my own. I began my first round of Clomid last month. I had heard so many horrors stories of the med's side effects. I was very nervous. But, it effected me differently and made me a crying mess with hot flashes. I mean sexy right! Well, the clomid worked and I ovulated last month, but didn't conceive. I'm on month 2 of Clomid and am experiencing the "irritable moods." I love how they call it "irritable moods." I mean if you call acting like a complete psycho an irritable mood. You know the slogan 0-3 seconds to b****. I need a shirt saying no seconds needed to be a b**** on Clomid. Everyday as an infertility couple means you're peeing on a stick, having sonograms, charting your lovemaking or having blood drawn. I love how everyone says to relax. But, hopefully our prayers will be answered soon and we will be blessed with a baby. I have to constantly remind myself my life is not on my life plan, but on God's life plan for me. Thank you family/friends for your support and prayers!

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