Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yah! Deer Season

Well, for any of you married to hunters, you know it is that time of year. My father is a hunter. I always loved this time of year. Because my mom and I would do some serious shopping while my dad was gone. Jeff is a hunter and on my family lease now. I know it sounds awful, but I love when he goes to the lease for the weekend. Jeff was gone this past weekend and will be gone the next 2 weekends. Some of my friends asked me if it made me mad he went to the lease so much. I just laughed and informed them quickly I love it. As many of you know, once you are married there is not a lot of alone or me time. The beauty of the lease is it gives me time. And a lot of weekends my mom comes up to spend quality mother/daughter time while the men are away. I love spending time with Jeff. But, I don't mind a quiet weekend of either shopping or staying in my PJs all day with a good book.

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