Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chuck E Cheese is not only for kids!

My family and I went to Chuck E Cheese today. My brother's girldfriend's daughter (what a mouth full) had a birthday party. My family was invited. I had no idea what to expect other than screaming kids. I wasn't sure how good of a time we would have since we don't have any children. Of course, we did see a few kids lying on the floor throwing temper tantrums (no tears). But, Jeff and I decided to buy some tokens and join in the fun. As you can see, it turned out we had more fun than the kids. My dad and Jeff decided to become NBA players and compete against each other. My mom and I decided we would play skee ball. We played 50 tokens and had a blast. We won a total of 197 tickets. We had an extremely hard time turning down the spider ring with our tickets. ha ha Jeff decided to give them to the birthday girl so she can pick out someting for herself. The moral of this story is Chuck E Cheese is still fun at any age!

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